Trump’s Third Lawyer is Not Any Better

Trump’s Third Lawyer is Not Any Better

Trump brought out the third lawyer on his legal team and he has a very unique view of history and he is not any better at his job than his two colleagues who have handled the former president’s case up to this point.

When Donald Trump’s legal team started its rebuttal of the case put forward by House impeachment managers, Michael T. Van Der Veen stepped to the microphone to defend the former president.

He started by claiming that Trump’s speech was about how the legislators should vote on the certification and not about inciting a riot. He said that Trump said, “the democratic process should and would play out according to the letter of the law.” He then said that “these are not the words of someone inciting a violent insurrection.”

“To claim in any way that the president wished, desired or encouraged lawless or violent behavior is a preposterous and monstrous lie,” Van Der Veen Said.

He said that it was supposed to be a peaceful event and that everyone knows that the president had spoken at hundreds of large rallies all over the country over the last five years and implied they had all been peaceful.

“There had never been any mob-like or riotous behaviors in fact a significant portion of each event was devoted to celebrating the rule of law, protecting our constitution, and honoring the men and women of law enforcement,” he said.

He claimed that a small number of the people attending the rally on Jan. 6 hijacked the event for their own purposes and then insinuated the debunked theory that Antifa was involved.

He then went on to talk about Democrats and their support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Okay… I don’t know what rock this guy has been under, but Trump rallies have been fraught with violence against protestors and the press. What is worse, in many cases Trump openly called for violence.

This guy should be disbarred for lying to the United States Senate. His defense of Trump was every bit as bad as the crime he was trying to defend.

What is worse is it is a defense that is worthless because anyone who has seen the case made by House impeachment managers knows that his attempt to defend Trump is ludicrous, spurious and thoroughly debunked.

Like the rest of the president’s defense, I don’t really see what he was trying to do other than lie about the facts and place the blame on Democrats. It isn’t going to sway anyone’s opinion.

They would have been better off if they had left him on the bench like they did when they argued that the trial was unconstitutional. I realize that the reason he is there is because of the poor performance that they had on their first attempt, but he didn’t help, he made it worse.

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